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Nedelja, 25. IX 2011.

Logo Leteći bumbar #393

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2. Fejs-bruk!               Engleski jezik

            Smejurije sa Fejsbuka

4. Anegdote

            Doskočice poznatih ličnosti

5. Remember when…

            Rimovana novija istorija informatike

6. Locirajte se!           Engleski jezik

            Vi mora da ste iz… ako je većina ovih tvrdnji tačna (Omaha; 3800-3857)

7. Reč uredništva

            Najava u vezi narednog broja

8. Ove nedelje u bioskopu "Ode on"

            Dr. Who

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- avion koji leti…

Urednicima ostalih časopisa: Budite fer i ostavite link za ovaj časopis kad već uzimate materijal odavde!

Pazi ujeda avav


Slovo Pošto se svakog dana gomilaju raznorazne odvale sa društvene mreže "Facebook", na sajtu su počele da se pojavljuju slike sa istim. Predstavljamo vam najbolje odvale, a  njih ima jako puno pa je lakše da ih postavimo u tekstualnom obliku. Imena i slike profila su tamo zamaskirane, pa ćemo učesnike u komentarima predstavljati brojevima: [1][2][3] itd. Napomene će biti

crvenom bojom.


            [ FB ]

Danijel Retklif i Hari Poter

            [ FB ]

Status: Can you and Dalton keep it down... Trying to sleep. (sestra od [2])

[2]: Sorry, the bed bang naturally against the wall. (brat od [1])

[1]: I meant the guitar is too loud... :-))))))

            [ FB ]

Status: I think I should come with a warning label.

[2]: You should! lol

[3]: But where's the fun in that?

[1]: Haha. Ya, I guess that's true! =P

            [ FB ]

[1] is in a relationship.

[2]: Oh God, noooooooooooooooo!!! Not again!!! (majka)

            [ FB ]

Status: My baby is 8 months today. She is growing so fast! I love you, Sophia! ♥ You're my world! :-)

[2]: For your information, I am not sure she checks Facebook.

            [ FB ]

Status: So, I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.

            [ FB ]

Status: I can stand on one foot with my eyes closed for almost an entire minute! :-D

[2]: Shouldn't you be doing your homework?

[1]: I believe this is a bit more important.

Veverica na motoru

            [ FB ]

Sa "Yahoo answers":

I've been going out with this girl for 3 months and one day I said to her "You're the best girlfriend ever" and she was confused and thought I was joking. And then she said she was a guy, and she thought I was a girl... So, basically I thought she was a girl and she thought I was a girl, but we're both guys. What should I do? I realy like him. Am I gay?

            [ FB ]

Status: Just saw a chick driving my old car. Poor girl.

[2]: That's just sad that the only way you can get a girl in your car is to sell it to her. :-P

            [ FB ]

Status: Made no money tonight. :-(

[2]: I'll give you a dollar to stop whining.

            [ FB ]

Sa "Skajpa":

- Baby, are you jealous?

- No.

- Baby, are you jealous?

- No.

- Baby, are you jealous?

- I already told you. No.

- Baby, can I get a kiss?

- Go get a kiss from that ugly girl that liked your status on Facebok!!!

            [ FB ]

Status: Just saw two homeless guys hitting each other with pieces of cardboard.

[2]: Pillowfight?

            [ FB ]

Status: "The future depends on what we do in the present" Mahatma Gandhi

[2]: "The future depends on what we do in the past" Dr. Emmet Brown

            [ FB ]

Status: Where do you go if you want to know who's in your class?

[2]: I would try going to class.

            [ FB ]

Status: How awesome would it be to have an Alan Rickman voiced GPS in your car? (glumio Snejpa u "Hariju Poteru")

- Turn right in 2 miles. Do not disappoint me.

- How grand it must be to have the luxury of not taking Exit 12. Turn around when possible, you bumbling idiot.

- How extraordinarily like your father you are; he would have missed the turn-off too. Turn around and go back, you pathetic fool.

- There will be no foolish lane-merging or silly U-turns in the next mile.


            Kad su poznatoj francuskoj glumici Mišel Morgan napravili kompliment zbog njene lepote i pored poodmaklih godina, ona reče smejući se:

- Ja imam retku privilegiju: dugo detinjstvo. Zamislite, ovog meseca ću proslaviti tek dvanaesti rođendan.

Mišel Morgan je u pravu: rođena je 29. februara. [PZ #876/1968]

- Turn to route 394.

- Alwayyys... look before merging

            [ FB ]

Status: My fucking neighbour knocked on my door at 2:30 this morning. Can you believe that? 2:30 AM! Luckily for him I was still up playing my drums.

            [ FB ]

Status: Evropski prvaci svetaaaaaaaaaa!!! To momciiiiiiiiii!!! Koji uspeh!!!

            [ FB ]


- E, ćao. Može lajk na sliku? :-)

- Može, može. Slobodno. ;-)

- Izvini, šta slobodno? o.O

- Ma, lajkuj slobodno koju hoćeš. :-)

            [ FB ]

Status: Danas je teško biti glup jer je... konferencija prevelika

            [ FB ]

Status: Tko se oće žvaliti samnom, neka komaaa!

[2]: Bože, baci ciglu i budi precizan!

            [ FB ]

Status: Hey, a new "Facebook" layout. Step-by-step instruction on how to respond:

1. Whine and complain (ironicaly, on "Facebook")

2. Join miscellaneous "Change Facebook back!" groups

3. Swear to abandon the site if it changes again
4. Forget the differences betwen "old" and "new" Facebook in a matter of days
Uklanjanje reklama

5. Become content and eventually pleased with the new layout

6. Wait a few months and repeat.

            [ FB ]

Status: Pogledajte profil od najgluplje osobe na svetu! Znači, slika govori više od 1000 reči! (klikom na link se otvara svoj sopstveni profil)

[2]: Ma, to je neka pogreška. Ja kliknem na link, kad ono otvori moj profil. Idem pokušati ponovo. Možda ću imati više sreće.

Kako blokirati svoj nalog na FB


 a computer was something on TV from a science fiction show
 a window was something you hated to clean....

 and RAM was the cousin of a goat.....

 meg was the name of my girlfriend

 and gig was something you did on stage for money

Now they all mean different things and that really mega Bytes


 an application was for employment

 a program was a TV show

 a cursor used profanity

 a keyboard was a piano

 memory was something that you lost with age

 a CD was a Bank account

 and if you had a 3½' floppy you hoped nobody found out

 compress was something you did to the garbage not something you did to a file

 and if you unzipped anything in public you'd be in jail for a while


 log on was adding wood to the fire

 hard drive was a long trip on the road

 a mouse pad was where a mouse lived

 and a backup happened to your commode


 cut you did with a pocket knife

 paste you did with glue

 a web was a spider's home

 and a virus was the flu


I guess I'll stick to my pad and paper,

and the memory in my head.

I hear nobody's been killed in a computer crash,

but when it happens they wish they were dead.


¤        Vi mora da ste iz Omahe ako… (USA, SD Nebraska, poglavlje LXXVII)

3800. All the plans needed for a successful date are "let's go to the Old Market"
3801. You've ridden the bronze lions (and burnt some part of your body while doing so).
3802. You pride yourself on being from East O, North O, South O, or West O.
3803. You remember when J. Doe's took over the city.
3804. You cut out a snowflake at Von Maur in December, 2007.
3805. Everyone asks you about Bright Eyes and Saddle Creek Records.
3806. You go trick-or-treating in Regency for the "big candy".
3807. Spaghetti Works always sounds like a good idea, but you almost never go there.
3808. You've hung out in a parking lot at least once.
3809. At least 5 of your friends have sold steaks and made decent money doing it.
3810. You call anything past 90th "way out there".
3811. You have felt obligated to eat at least one Runza
Seksualni odnos sa komšijom

3812. You know what "annexing" means.
3813. You know what "The Beef" is. And yes, you know their cheer.
3814. You cried the day Peony Park was killed by Hy Vee and Fazoli's.
3815. The abbreviations MPS and OPS stir up deep feelings inside of you.
3816. You or someone you know has spotted one of the mysterious stray mountain lions.
3817. You go to the south and get accused of being a hick.
3818. You know (and cringe at) Mulberry Lane.
3819. You think the only good thing to come out of Lincoln is the Huskers.
3820. You have never been to the panhandle.
3821. You know what really goes on down at the slides.
3822. You know that the "Mall" is, in fact, not a mall.
3823. You go to Hummel park in search of albinos.
3824. You are sick and tired of being asked if you have electricity every time you step out of the state.

Novosadska voda
3825. You judge a person's socioeconomic income by the street number in their address.
3826. You open your front lawn up for parking during CWS and charge ten bucks.
3827. You have seen the Christmas Carol with "that one guy" at least 400 times.
3828. You have bought tickets for the one yearly Broadway show six months in advance.
3829. You have never stepped foot on a farm.
3830. You remember October of 1997 because you didn't have to do jack squat for five days.
3831. Snow Days have slowly become an endangered species.
3832. You have witnessed Jim Flowers's hair change color overnight a number of times.
3833. You remember when Crossroads didn't smell like a landfill.
3834. You know what a Hy Vee is.

3835. You know everything about Warren Buffet's love life.
3836. You say you're going to a "cheapee" whenever you watch a movie at Westwood or the Stockyards.
3837. You judge the popularity of a movie by how long it takes it to transfer to the Westwood or the Stockyards.
3838. You wouldn't dream of ever using public transportation and would die rather than walk somewhere.

3839. You know all about the middle lane of Dodge.

3840. You know the seasons as: this is too hot to be fall, there's supposed to be snow on the ground, why is there snow in April and it wasn't this hot last summer!
3841. You've attended a fundraiser where there's a Pancake Man invloved.
3842. You can time the Northwest Radial perfectly in order to avoid all red lights.
3843. You don't find anything weird about it being sunny when you walk into a building and find it monsooning when you walk out.
3844. There are no Republicans and Democrats; it's Republicans and "those damn hippies".
3845. You or someone you knew was an extra in "About Schmidt".
3846. You know what "About Schmidt" is.
3847. A perfectly acceptable speed when driving is 90mi/h.

3848. You live on a street named after a dead guy.
3849. You can count every time you saw Omaha on CNN.

3850. You cringe when you hear "River City Roundup", but you still go to it every year.

Reč uredništva

Slovo P

očetkom idućeg meseca opet počinju izbori  za titule Miss i Mistera na sajtu "Domać".  Kao i proteklih godina, naš časopis će izveštavati čitaoce kako protiču oba izbora.

            Pošto je za učestvovanje potrebno minimum 100 postova na forumu, to je bio problem novim članovima – znate i sami da je svaki početak težak. Zbog toga je uveden kupon koji će se, počev od narednog broja, naći na osmoj strani časopisa i ako se kandidat bude slikao sa tim kuponom onda će mu biti potrebno minimum 50 postova.

            Ukratko, od idućeg broja očekujte rubriku "Širom neta".

Vaša redakcija

3851. You live either down a hill, on the slope of a hill, or on top of a hill.

3852. You can tell the difference between Rob McCartney and John Knicely (although you're sure they're clones…)
3853. You, too, wished Bush had stayed in Louisiana on 9/11.
3854. You know the difference between Dundee, Benson, Bellevue, and Papillion (and you know how to pronounce them).
3855. You've been to the midnight movie and know the staff by first name.
3856. You take construction into consideration when guessing how long it will take to get somewhere.
3857. You constantly gripe about living in Nebraska, but you'd never want to leave.

Dr Who



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